We consider the quality of our membership to be important to our success and the way our organization is viewed in the industry and community. In order to be considered for membership to the CMBA, you need to know the following information:
1) All prospective members must have three current members as sponsors. Sponsors are verifying the integrity and business ethics of the candidate and should be thoughtful in their selections.
2) Candidates for membership will be announced at 2 regular membership meetings as "readings". This allows our members to forward any objections to the candidateís membership ratification. The membership is then placed to a vote. Membership may be revoked or refused as per our Constitution.
3) There are 2 types of members, Class A Voting and Class B. Class A members have one representative who may vote on proposals and business issues concerning the Association while Class B members may not vote.
Class A members must meet the definition of a mortgage banker as defined by the State of Ohio as follows:
Any partnership, firm, or corporation who makes, services, buys, or sells mortgage loans, underwrites the loans, and is one or more of the following:
- A non-supervised mortgagee directly approved by HUD for participation in a direct endorsement program.
- A company directly approved by FNMA or FHLMC as a seller/servicer
- A company approved by VA as a non-supervised automatic lender
- A company created solely for the purpose of securitizing mortgage loans (trusts, REITís and REMICís)
- A company that closes loans in their name using a warehouse line
All other lenders or affiliates will be eligible for membership as Class B
4) All applications are subject to an application fee which is only refundable if the applicant is refused membership.

To download or print a copy of a membership application, click here. (Please read the Letter of Explanation prior to downloading)