The 2018 Committees

Affordable Housing & Education Committee: The purpose of the Affordable Housing Committee (AHC) is to provide knowledge and understanding of the home buying or refinancing process as it pertains to low moderate income individuals and families.

In regard to the Education aspect of this committee, they are to acquire and disseminate correct, current information on rules and regulations affecting the mortgage loan industry. They provides a means of sponsoring or conducting business meetings, or programs of interest on various pertinent subjects. They also promote uniformity of practice, where uniformity is desirable. It affords the opportunity for those engaged in business to secure the benefits or personal acquaintance and interchange of ideas both by individual and public discussion.
Board Liaison: Director, Rachel May-Sine
American Eagle Mortgage Co.

Secretary, Michelle Fry
Ruoff Home Mortgage
Ethics Committee: The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to review all written complaints, submitted which involve a member of the association. If deemed necessary, the committee shall then contact the member and inform them of the complaint for the purpose of working out an acceptable solution which is both fair and equitable to both the complainant and the member.
Board Liaison: Past President, John Igoe - ASSOCIATION MEMBERS
First Ohio Home Finance, Inc.

Director, Eric Holmes - STATEWIDE TRENDS/INFO
Columbus First Bank
Legislative Committee: The Legislative Committee (LC) is responsible for reviewing any pending and/or existing legislation affecting the mortgage lending industry and reporting any recommendations to the Executive Committee. The LC also maintains liaisons with committees for input on various pieces of existing and/or pending legislation impacting the mortgage lending industry.
Board Liaison: Vice President, Mike Evans
First Financial Bank
Marketing / Community Involvement: TThis committee is responsible for engaging our loan officers in activities which aid in their education as well as their approach when preforming the job of creating mortgage loans for the public. This is accomplished through our new "OJ with LOs" Program. We also reach out to the community with our Credit Education Committee Program brought to us by OSU, called Real Money/ Real World. We participate in this program to bring awareness to our youth, teaching them smart money management.
Board Liaison: President, Brian Hitchcock
First Financial Bank

Treasurer,, Dan Prond
The State Bank
Membership Committee: The purpose of the Membership Committee (MC) is to recruit both lenders and affiliates of the mortgage lending industry into the association. Membership consists of two classes, A, which is a voting membership and B, which is an affiliate of the industry with a non-voting status. Application for membership in either class shall be considered only when proposed in writing by a member of either class, who shall submit to the members of the association, in connection with such proposal, such information as may assist them in passing on the qualifications of the candidate. Membership is obtained by having two readings at consecutive General Meetings followed by a ballot to lenders. There must be a return of 1/2 of the ballots and 4/5ths of the clear ballots shall be necessary for admission to the association. It is the responsibility of the committee to make clear the qualifications to any applicant and secure the needed documents. Upon presentation to the Board of Directors for approval for a reading and signatures, the original application and initiation fee are given to the Executive Secretary.
Board Liaison: Director, Josh Brader
Concord Mortgage Group

Director, Laurie Schmidt - Moats
Park National Bank
Credit Education Committee, Real World / Real Money: The purpose of this committee is to help educate pre-teen and teens in the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit and financial competentcy which will hopefully follow them into their adult lives. We are currently working with a program titled "Real World, Real Money" which targets Middle and High School students in the Central Ohio area.
Board Liasion: Associate Director, Lisa Wilde

Chairman, Jackie Chivington
Partners United Financial
Social Committee: The purpose of this committee is to plan and execute events which foster a spirit of friendship and relaxation among the membership. These events may include but are not limited to the "Holiday Luncheon" held in December of each year, the Golf Outing held in either July or August of each year, and Spring & Fall Mixers.
Board Liaison: Associate Director, Sherri Calhoun

Associate Director, Lisa Wilde
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